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Wooden Chabutra

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


The Chabutra is an iconic element of urban life connecting people to nature and the memory of a village way of life. It forms a place where birds can be fed and find shelter and where residents may gather, it became the core focus of the public social space in the pols of the old cities. They often reflect a rich synthesis of Hindu, Jain and Muslim forms. The life of the Chowk has diminished and so has the Chabutra. It is believed that after death a person's soul assumes the form of birds and animals. So, by caring for birds they also care for the souls of their departed ancestors.

The challenge of designing a new Chabutra was to find an expression that reflected a modern sensibility while carrying out a timeless function. The client also required for the piece to be deployable and to it has been made in sections which easily fit together. A version of this in stone is also in production.


Exploded isometric view

Project Details


Client -- Elaben




Principal Designer -- Maneesh Kumar


Arthur  Duff

 Manufacturer -- Vishwakarma Furniture Udyog

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