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Kamala Cafe


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

2017 - 2018

Situated in the west of Ahmedabad, Kamal Cafe defines the poetic architectural oeuvre that Studio Praxis is germinating into. Landscaped with large trees the atmosphere of the place blurs the distinction between architecture and landscape and evokes human senses. The building blends itself with the pleasurable nature around and announces itself when elements like yellow stone walls and the rustic look of a concrete channel reveal themselves.


A narrow stone pathway emanating from the very soil leads us in, with dense planting on both sides like a Japanese garden which ends into a courtyard with a Gulmohar tree in its centre. The open dining space designed around this courtyard, with a water body on one side invites people in and resembles the traditional Indian architectural element of a chowk. A circular window frames a sculptural stone on one side and gives a romantic feeling of space on the other.

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-094031.jpg

A view of the cafe from the freshly planted landscape

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-13.jpg

Spout detail

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-3.jpg

An occasional visitors




Site plan

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-1134.jpg
HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-1127.jpg
HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-1108.jpg

Process models

kamla cafe final image.jpg

Lotus pond 

Isometric view

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-0049.jpg

Sunlight pouring in from the circular archway

Site section

HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-111325.jpg

Project Details

Client -- Self Employed Women's Association (Sewa)

Built-up area -- 2515 sq ft




Principal Architect -- Maneesh Kumar

Arthur  Duff


Kalpesh Siddhpura

 Photographer -- Harsh Bhavsar

Tender Consultant -- Sujal Parikh And Associates

Structural Engineer -- Nelson Macwan (Sujal Parikh And Associates)

Contractor -- Jaimin And Rahul

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