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Jamalpur Flower Market

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

2019 -- ongoing

The client here was not a single user or owner, it was designed for 160 vendors, dealing with the sale of flowers of various kinds and different quantities. The current location near the Sabarmati River, in Ahmedabad, proposed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had to be re-organised, decluttered, and fundamental issues like cleanliness and traffic in and around the site needed to be addressed.


A detailed analysis of working methods was carried out after a proper listing of these flower vendors. The design concept here was to provide a covered space with multiple courtyards and trees within them. The proposed space allowed ample light and air to filter in and ventilate the thada’s (seating platforms) designed for the vendors’ needs. A waste management system was planned to keep the ambience of the flower market fresh and attract more buyers to step in and experience the space.

View of flower vendors on the roadside on a typical morning

191208_jfm_existing layout  with activit

Existing plan

Showing flower vendors on

The roadside on a typical morning

191204_JFM_ground floor  PLANRENDER DRAW

Propose plan


Process model


Meetings with vendors and SEWA sister's 


Site section

On site discussion with vendors

2020_0117_JFM_SECTION_GG-Model (2).png
2020_0116_JFM SECTION  FF-Model.png



Final design models

Site Section

1 (1).jpg
SET_Photo - 3 (1).jpg
SET_Photo - 6 (1).jpg

Proposed view of internal space

front elevation.png

Front Elevation

2QEQWE (1).jpg

Proposed view of roadside elevation

SET_Photo - 5 (2).jpg
SET_Photo - 9.jpg
elevation 2 (1).png

Proposed view of entrance

Side elevation

update 1.png
update 1.png
191211_REV22_WO PEOPLE1112.jpg

Exploded isometric views

of flower market

Project Detail

Client -- Flower Market Union

 Built-up area --12830 sqft





Principal Architect -- Maneesh kumar


Arthur Duff

Mayank Panchal

 Aakash Prajapati

 Happy Patel

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