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  SEWA - Regional Headquarters

   Anand, Gujarat, India

   2017 - 21

This project was requested by the Self Employed Woman’s Association (SEWA), an NGO which has a long-standing connection with Anand district. With a vision for the future, the members of SEWA were committed to purchasing a conveniently located site near the centre of the town to develop a dedicated facility that would better answer the needs of the current and future members. After a process of consultation with all levels of SEWA members, a brief was formulated which identified the wide range of activities and supporting facilities required. It also responds to the values and lifestyle of the sisters, most of whom live in villages. What became very clear was how important it was to enable communication across all these activities to encourage the interaction of members, administration and visitors, as is the case in village life.

Climate has played an important role in optimising the relationship between open and closed spaces. Each level accommodates numerous activities and services that are regularly used by the members and visitors of SEWA. The ground floor and basement levels are entirely open to the public allowing for a free movement of people onto the site, with an otla in front for women to sell vegetables, and an amphitheatre on the inside to cater to the changing needs of the women members.

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Site Plan

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HB-2021-SPwebsite 2-1108.jpg
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Site Section

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