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Since decades, the Bhadra Fort premise has been used during the day by hundreds of vendors selling objects
of daily use. These are objects adapting to seasonal change. After completion of the Bhadra redevelopment
project, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation agreed to give a 4x4 feet space to each vendor in this premise.
Bhadra Fort premise being a heritage site, each vendor is supposed to wrap their stall, and shuttle every day from its place of storage to the market.


The project of re-organising the location of vendors and designing mobile and foldable stalls was brought to Studio Praxis by SEWA (Self Employed Women's Association), an NGO. A detailed analysis of space usage and working patterns was carried out to cater to the vendor's needs, and stalls were designed to provide a display, storage, seating, and a shelter from the sun and rain for each vendor. The design of the stall allowed it to easily fold, and become a cart - ready to be a pushed to nearby storage.

Bhadra Chowk Heritage Natural Market


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

2019 -- ongoing

190813 _THADA_A_BHADRA_MARKET-Model.png

Plan showing existing activities near the bhadra fort


191205_thada Exploded 333.png

Exploded isometric view of the proposed stall


Proposed layout of new stalls

Category of activities spread across the bhadra chowk

Division of existing activities into groups

Isometric view of the proposed layout overlaid on the existing llayout

Project Details

Client -- Market Union, Through Sewa




Principal Architect -- Maneesh Kumar

Arthur  Duff


Aakash Prajapati

Mayank Panchal

Happy Patel

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